Guitar Trim

Guitar Trim

Whether you are looking to complement your guitar build with a perfect Bridge Blank, Finger Board, Faceplate, and/or Binding here you can choose from our exotic wood Species and different size Blanks to meet your creative design.

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Buy Acoustic Guitar Trim, Binding Materials - Natural Wood - Bridge Blanks, Finger Boards, Faceplates

Acoustic guitar binding material, bridge blanks, finger boards, faceplates, trim.

Guitar trim and wood binding materials are part of the classy and classic elements in guitar making, similar to the detail tooled into a luxury car. Guitar bridge blanks, finger boards, faceplates are performance, utility and aesthetic features on a guitar, but become especially important in custom guitars – either a line of guitars or a one-off custom guitar. They contribute seriously to playability and the look that bespeaks quality luthier work. Buy best acoustic guitar trim and binding materials from Marvel Woods – enjoy and shop now. Crafted from exotic woods grown by nature for their ultimate human purpose: beautiful, great performing guitars. Our binding materials are ordered routinely by top luthiers for their custom guitar work. Why? They know we’re the best supplier.