Electric Guitar Drop Tops

Electric Guitar Drop Tops

Built to the Stratocaster size template, our Electric Set will bring your build to existence with our exotic wood Species. With Marvel Woods' state of the art technology for cutting, vacuum drying, and storing rare woods, there is no right or wrong among our selection of thoroughly prepared stable woods.

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Species: Claro Walnut



Electric Guitar Drop Tops, Tonewood Wood Blanks – Trusted Global Suppliers to Luthiers, Guitar Makers

Electric guitar drop tops, necks, tonewood wood blanks – buy best woods.

Electric guitar wood drop tops or blanks are where a luthier begins to create a instrument unique in sound performance and looks – a wood is like a unique fingerprint. Luthiers are the vulcans of creating guitars that will make most anybody sound like a guitar god. A beginning player can plug in and sound good on your custom electric guitar. And even a beginning electric guitar maker can craft a brilliant instrument with our electric guitar woods. Electric guitar tonewood for sale and bought daily from our MW supplier shop - including beautiful exotic woods for that very sexy cool look. Our mission here at Marvel Woods is to source the wood, then stock it in our quality-controlled facilities for our esteemed customers. For electric guitar makers we strive to be the perfect vendors – knowledgeable, experienced, reputable and responsible. Our methods of sourcing woods have been refined through years of experience and built on cultivated relationships with growers and vendors in the countries we bring our wood blanks in from. Electric guitar tonewoods and exotic woods – we have them here for your current or next project. Any questions? Give us a call. We’re happy to talk over your project with you.