Acoustic Guitar Back and Sides

Acoustic Guitar Back and Sides

Whether you’re making a precise and clear sounding guitar for jazz, or a rich, dark, rumbling blues repertoire, here you will find the most appropriate set for the taste of your guitar build. With Marvel Woods' state of the art technology for cutting, vacuum drying, and storing rare woods, there is no right or wrong among our selection of thoroughly prepared Tonewoods.

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Buy Acoustic Guitar Tonewood Wood Blanks For Sale - Blanks, Sides, Backs – Top Luthier Supplier

Buy best acoustic guitar tonewood for sale – Marvel Woods luthier suppliers.

Acoustic guitar tonewood wood – superior quality blanks, sides and backs - purchased by guitar makers around the world every day from us. Guitar wood blanks are akin to the blocks of marble sculptors begin their art with. Michaelangelo began his masterpiece sculptures by long searches for the best piece (called meat in Italian) of marble in Italy’s famous quarries. Luthiers are the Michelangelos of guitar making and search long and hard for the best wood blanks to craft beautiful and high-performance custom acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitar tonewood blanks, sides and backs for sale from Marvel Woods are exceptional in quality, performance, choices and, of course, affordable for your budget. We engage in long searches for the perfect blanks for you from the perfect variety of exotic wood species for acoustic guitars. Dark Honduran rosewood that we carry is an excellent option to replace Brazilian rosewood – because the Brazilian wood is hard to find. Just part of what we bring to U.S. and international guitar makers.