Honduran Mahogany

Genuine Mahogany

Swietenia Macrophylla

This true rainforest timber should be treated with the utmost respect. The provenance of your Mahogany and its chain of custody should be beyond question.

A foundational rainforest timber, Genuine Mahogany’s traditional status as the most desirable of woods by craftsmen of all disciplines was well deserved. Light, but strong, delightfully workable, and a finisher’s dream where it can be stained and manipulated to match any of the world’s most exotic materials.

This desirability has led to the near depletion of old-growth timbers with the density appropriate for Tonewood. Not to be confused with the alternatives from Africa and Malaysia, real Mahogany is the most versatile of Tonewoods with its ability to please more people more often in every style of guitar playing. True Mahogany earns this universal reputation from its position in the middle of the tonal spectrum. It’s warm enough to not be intimidating, though with enough of a sparkle and definition for satisfying lead solos. The best mahogany Tonewood is selected for an appropriate density only found in slower-growing, old-growth trees from undisturbed ecosystems. What was once positioned as the wood choice for a brand’s plainer models is now accepted as a worthy upgrade.




Buy Honduran Genuine Mahogany Tonewood Wood Sets – Excellent Tonals and Beauty in Mahogany for Guitar Makers Worldwide

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Buy Honduran genuine mahogany guitar wood – this wood is among the tonewoods often selected by luthiers for showcase guitar projects or a custom line of guitars. It is a tonewood — an original tonewood introduced in 1907 that knowledgeable players have loved since it was first used in building guitars for private use or public performances and recordings. Many luthiers consider this wood to be the yin to rosewood’s yang. Dry, yet warm and brilliant in the critical midranges, this mahogany possesses a directness that is clearly different from rosewood’s marshalling of overtones. Genuine mahogany is considered a superb structural wood for instrument crafting, with a certain density and stiffness that luthiers love to work with. Players delight in the finished product — either for singing accompaniment or for beautiful instrumentals. Buy Honduran genuine mahogany guitar wood with us. Call to ask questions – we’re here to help you.