Brazilian Rosewood

Dalbergia Nigra

Highly desirable for centuries due to its classic beauty and sound, Old Growth Brazilian Rosewood imparts a rich, clear tone to the guitar, more towards the brighter end of the tonal spectrum when compared to Indian Rosewood.

It is an excellent choice for a superior aesthetic and secure financial value based on historic trends.

Brazilian is also guaranteed to maximize the thrill of acquisition when one is secure in the knowledge that the wood was responsibly harvested from the still-standing remainder of trees cut generations ago. The straight vertical grain of the vintage Martin Guitars and the flat sawn fantasy figure prized by the traditional Spanish classical guitar luthiers are equal in tonality, integrity, and stability when processed to the exacting standards of Marvel Woods.




Buy Brazilian Rosewood Guitar Blanks Sets (Hard to Find) – Superb Acoustic Tone and Beautiful Aesthetics – Fretboard Blanks

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Buy Brazilian acoustic rosewood guitar wood sets - for sale for luthiers seeking extraordinary woods for extraordinary guitars. This now-rare wood was used in fine guitars for a time period not of decades, but of centuries. As is widely known, Brazilian rosewood is now a highly regulated wood, very difficult to acquire, so we’re pleased to be able to offer it to luthiers wanting to build guitars in this tonewood. Of note: an excellent alternative is our dark Honduran rosewood, so be sure to look at it as well. Brazilian rosewood is renowned for its character and beauty, and delivers a bright, resonant sound that carries a good piercing for the mid ranges and higher note playing - excellent for classical to jazz fusion, Spanish style to hard picking. Brazilian rosewood fretboard blanks – we have them.